Sunday, May 17, 2009

. Hence, Prime Attention Of A Society To The

. Hence, prime attention of a society to The most defenceless and most perspective human life, which while, Let's directly tell, on expenses of attention costs(stands) at us somewhere on a 100-th look up in search engine place, Will allow to make qualitative revolution. But, naturally, through changes On vital, intellectual, spiritual, intellectual, physiological Levels of each separate person to which it will be applied unique Scientific, but already originally the humanistic approach. In children's to a garden with were not engaged neither drawing, nor music on already To techniques existing to amazing efficiency. And these techniques, children to true perception(recognition) of the world, lead to what even, It would seem, worthless, unpromising children receive gold medals on The greatest international children's competitions. Nobody was engaged with , with its(his) contempoparies studying of foreign languages on methods, Which even to the adult, allow the become numb brain literally , in Current of several weeks to master at a decent level foreign language in it(him) Colloquial variant. We shall ponder: in some weeks instead of ten fruitlessly The spent years.. And nobody corrected(adjusted) developments of its(his) mentality by means of Specially harmonized music, nobody learned(taught) creative principles Autohypnosis which allows each of normal people sharply to lift Ceiling of the opportunities. In group of my "collective farmers" with us the ordinariest children were engaged, And we were convinced, however(as) easily and creatively they master similar receptions. In fact If for adults they represent themselves something unusual, essentially New for children of all this costs(stands) in the same number(line), as development of all Others equal and equal in rights between itself of the parties(sides) of the validity. Happened(Was possible) and so, that without attributes our pressure(voltage) gave out To adult aunts and such new recommendations and modes of work with Fancies which we, for example, with pleasure used in ours To the further practice. Progressive teachers approve(confirm) and prove, that it is impossible to develop The person only through one, even very important channel of education - through Sight.


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  3. Yeast Infection : People rumor ascribes properties such black or green tea, camomile tea with lemon juice, fresh cucumbers, asparagus, celery, eggplants, from spices - parsley, coriander, cardamom.