Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.. And Here Now I Come Back To A

"Sexually transmitted infections for the pregnant woman could be a challenging and daunting task, it may disrupt ordinary cycle of of pregnancy and infect the newborn. Early diagnosis of STD and necessary treatment wherever possible is a must to minimize the risk of undesired consequences. General notion of STD is that it caused caused by bacteria, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or viruses such as HBV (for hepatitis B), HSV (for herpes), HIV (responsible for AIDS ) or to parasites such as trichomoniasis. The spectrum of virus and bacterial risk are great and not all of the diseases are curable, some transmittable to the newborn, therefore knowing the options that the future mother will be facing must be accurately diagnosed prior the decision of getting pregnant. " by Sexually transmitted infections risk for the newborn

.. And here now I come back to a theme of the given book for such gloom of ignorance here reigns, such barefaced cynicism in aspiration to live to a freebie that hardly something another will be compared to Genital Herpes STD this position! The special disappointment is generated by that successful marriage - that means which is changed qualitatively by a life and men and women, - just to the overwhelming majority of men and women is unknown! In other words, it is capable to translate Them in a category of those people which are capable to learn happiness as much as possible accessible to the person, to give it that completeness of human life about which the person lonely or unfortunate in marriage even cannot assume, and here the life passes, and similar highest launch, such in other, superhuman quality and was not. But after all it is should happiness, it is misfortune! To what it is possible to compare the similar life which has not taken place on the maximum? With absence of sight? Yes is not present, blind though has no one wonderful feeling, it is deprived nevertheless private feeling, but it is capable to live on optimum human heat, and I know such remarkable lucky persons.

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