Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Aggravates Process Of Deterioration Of Sight. At

"The virus Herpes simplex type 2 is usually transmitted through sexual contact and remains in the body for life. The disease can be manifested by painful genital ulcers, but symptoms may also be more moderate, which is why most people are unaware they are infected with the virus and can transmit it further to other people. The said the study published by the WHO, we shall ask for the permission to have it published here. "The virus of genital herpes causes serious consequences such as increased risk of contracting the AIDS virus or the transmission of herpes virus to children at birth, which may cause neurological damage and even cause death, "said Dr. " by World Health Organization (WHO ) on HERPES Outbreak

It aggravates process of deterioration of sight. At the same time, carrying out special exercises gradually, but it is frequent, and transforming, thus, these exercises in Herpes STD Genital subconscious habits of correct sight it is possible to return normal sight. An eye with a poor eyesight, getting anew properties of a normal eye, gets also its sight. In this connection some words about the theory of hereditary predisposition to those or other infringements of sight are necessary to tell. Followers of Bejtsa agree with it in the sense that when we deal with a poor eyesight of children which parents also do not differ good sight, speech should be conducted about inheritance of the bad vital habits conducting to deterioration of sight, instead of the wrong form of an eyeball as it is confirmed by orthodox physicians. Among these habits wrong visual habits, errors in a food are called, formation of a wrong bearing, etc. Considering that role what is played by parents in education of children, formation in them of positive habits in general, and also that parents quite often are an example for the children, it is possible to assume that this theory is strongly enough well-founded.

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